#13 The Borgia Dagger


An ancient curse always overstays its welcome.

Beautiful, rich, and very spoiled, Tessa Carpenter is all trouble from the moment she sideswipes Callie Shaw's car -- and meets Frank Hardy. She invites Frank and Joe to a party for a close-up look at her priceless treasure, the Borgia dagger. But in the middle of the party the lights go out and Tessa is almost killed. Fearing the ancient curse on the jeweled dagger, Tessa asks the brother detectives to protect her. The question is -- will two bodyguards be enough for someone with enemies on both sides of the grave?


Cover Art: Brian Kotzky

Author: Peter Lerangis

First Copyright: March, 1988

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Hardy Boys Casefiles 13 The Borgia Dagger Wallpaper