Callie Shaw


Location: Bayport, , United States


Gender: F

Eyes: dark brown

Hair: blonde-brown

Age: 19


Callie Shaw is Frank Hardy's girlfriend. She was 18 years old during most of the casefile series. She had a birthday in Casefile #126. This would make her current age to be 19. This means she is older than both Frank and Joe. However, according to Casefile #8 she is only 17 but must be close to having a birthday to turn 18.

Although she had short brown hair in Casefile #1, it turned into thick blond hair later in the series. She has brown (sometimes called dark) eyes.

She drives a green Nova.

Not much is known of her family other than we do know that both her dad and mom are living.

The tip of her tongue flicks across her upper lip when she concentrates extra hard.


The tip of her tongue flicks across her upper lip when she concentrates extra hard.
CF8, Page:28

She is 17 and does not have a full driver's license yet.
CF8, Page:35

It is possible that Callie Shaw has a dog.
CF8, Page:70

She thinks Frank looks like the actor who plays Superman in the movies.
CF9, Page:9

She has blond hair.
CF10, Page:6

She and Frank Hardy can communicate by blinking their eyes.
CF10, Page:15

Callie gets a bad feeling whenever she is in the mall parking lot where Iola Morton was blown up.
CF11, Page:24

Callie Shaw is not all that familiar with the section of Bayport that includes Lakeview Avenue.
CF13, Page:9

She has long blond hair.
CF15, Page:2

Pepperoni and Mushrooms is Callie's favorite type of pizza.
CF15, Page:2

Her hair is now medium-length blond.
CF18, Page:18

She has taken a course in broadcast journalism on the West Coast (in or near Los Angeles).
CF19, Page:3

Callie Shaw attended UCLA for a class.
CF19, Page:19

According to Frank, Callie is the world's most patient and understanding friend.
CF20, Page:27

Callie has a little green car.
CF20, Page:125

According to Joe, Callie is a good cook.
CF22, Page:2