The Hardy Boys Book Series

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This is the very first series of Hardy Boys books ever written and the continuation of those books via what's commonly called the Digests.

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This is the main series of books in the Casefiles canon and is mostly geared toward an older reader than many other Hardy Boys series.

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Super Mysteries

Considered some of the best crossover storylines between Nancy and the Hardy Boys, this series for young adults and older teens highlights the best of both worlds.

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Ultra Thrillers

This short-lived series featured The Hardy Boys and even the Network crossing over with Tom Swift and the Black Dragon.

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Clues Brothers

This is the first series targeted toward a younger audience.

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Undercover Brothers

This is the main series of books in the Undercover Brothers canon. Every other series in the ATAC Encyclopedia is based upon this series by Aladdin Paperbacks a division of Simon & Schuster.

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Graphic Novels

These are the graphic novels produced by Papercutz that tell additional tales of the Undercover Brothers but in picture format. If you are into comics and the Hardy Boys, then you should check these out.

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Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Super Mysteries

This series allows you to follow the Undercover Brothers as they team up with Nancy and her friends to battle the evil criminals of the world.

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Undercover Brothers Super Mysteries

This section contains the books that don't quite belong anywhere else. The Undercover Brothers solo SuperMysteries and the Special Ghost Story Edition can be found here.

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PC Games

Interested in Computer Games? Enjoy reading the Hardy Boys? The two finaly mixed and here we have the series of Hardy Boys games from The Adventure Company and Dreamcatcher Interactive.

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Secret Files

A series targeted toward a younger demographic with more pictures and an accompaning short comic in the back of each book.

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The current regular series of Hardy Boys books. This series continued the first person perspective that started in the Undercover Brothers series, but both the look and feel were different.

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Clue Books

The third series targeted toward a younger audience.

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