Bayport Mall


Location: Bayport, , United States


This is a favorite hangout for Bayport kids. It has three floors (a fourth floor exists by Casefle #13) with more than a hundred stores arranged around a central well. There was a glass roof in the central well. The ground floor of the mall is the 'Food Floor.' The Mall even has underground parking garages and glass elevators. Across a parking lot from the mall is the mall's six-plex movie theater. It supposedly has a dozen theaters. Theater five is the smallest.

Book List

CF1 - Dead on Target
CF13 - The Borgia Dagger
CF20 - Witness To Murder


The mall has at least four floors by Casefile #13.
CF13, Page:86

Mr. Pizza is located inside the mall.
CF20, Page:4

There is a sandwich bar in the corner of the mall's eating area.
CF20, Page:26