Edwin "Tyrone Grant" Squinder


Location: Bayport, , United States


Gender: M

Eyes: steel gray

Hair: silver



Tyrone Grant had been an actor but has not had an acting job in a while and just recently lost his non-acting job as well, working for the Carpenters.

Book List

CF13 - The Borgia Dagger


Tyrone Grant has silver hair.
CF13, Page:6

He claims to be a stage and screen actor.
CF13, Page:6

He has steel gray eyes.
CF13, Page:8

His wife left him for a Hollywood film editor.
CF13, Page:8

He lives at 94 Lakeview Avenue in Bayport.
CF13, Page:9

Tyrone Grant had a cameo role in the new movie, Horror High School III.
CF13, Page:21

He had lived on the grounds of the Cliffside Mansion while working for the Carpenters until Tessa Carpenter fired him.
CF13, Page:22

He lives in a section of Bayport that is only 4 miles from Cliffside Heights at 94 Lakeview Avenue.
CF13, Page:83

His house at 94 Lakeview Avenue is small and brown. It is in desperate need of a paint job. Some of the siding just under the roof has fallen off and his front yard doesn't have any grass growing.
CF13, Page:84

His last known job (after the events of Casefile #13) was acting in a soap opera.
CF13, Page:154