New Books for Adventures/Clue Book late 2017
Chapters/Indigo and Amazon now show the artwork for Clue Book #6, A Skateboard Cat-astrophe, which has a November 14, 2017 release date and Adventures #15, A Con Artist in Paris, which has a release date for September 5, 2017.

The State of the Hardy Boys Encyclopedia - 2016 Edition
Another year has come and gone, and it is that time again to look back and see how things have progressed over the past year.  A lot of things have change since last year.  The biggest is the new website with the combined encyclopedia database and the addition of new book series. 

Below are a few interesting tidbits taken from the sites web statistics based upon most visits to these sections of the website.

An asterisk(*) denotes that a particular item was not in the top list last year.

Most Popular Books 2016

Casefiles #1: Dead On Target
Casefiles #11: Brother Against Brother
Casefiles #24: Scene Of The Crime*
Casefiles #22: Double Exposure*
Casefiles #25: The Borderline Case*

SuperMystery #1: Double Crossing
SuperMystery #3: Shock Waves
SuperMystery #2: A Crime for Christmas
SuperMystery #25: Secrets of the Nile
SuperMystery #5: The Last Resort*

UB #1: Extreme Danger
UB #2: Running on Fumes
UB #3: Boardwalk Bust
UB #5: Rocky Road*
UB #4: Burned*

SuperMystery #1: Terror on Tour
SuperMystery #4: Gold Medal Murder
SuperMystery #2: Danger Overseas
SuperMystery #6: Stage Fright
SuperMystery #5: Bonfire Masquerade

Graphic Novel #2: Identity Theft
Graphic Novel #9: To Die or Not to Die
Graphic Novel #1: The Ocean of Osyria
Graphic Novel #8: Board to Death*
Graphic Novel #11: Abracadeath*

Adventure #7: Shadows at Predator Reef
Adventure #3: The Vanishing Game
Adventure #1: Secret of the Red Arrow
Adventure #11: Shadow at Widow Creek*
Adventure #5: Peril at Granite Peak

Secret Files #1: Trouble at the Arcade
Secret Files #16: Camping Chaos
Secret Files #3: Mystery Map
Secret Files #11: Robot Rumble
Secret Files #17: The Great Escape

Mystery #1: The Tower Treasure
Mystery #2: The House on the Cliff
Mystery #190: Motocross Madness
Mystery #109: The Prime-Time Crime
Mystery #3: The Secret of the Old Mill

Clues Brother #1: The Gross Ghost Mystery
Clues Brother #14: All Eyes on First Prize
Clues Brother #7: The Abracadabra Case
Clues Brother #17: The Bike Race Ruckus

Most Popular Wallpapers 2016

CASEFILES (wallpapers found at the bottom of each casefile 1-25 page)
Casefile #1: Dead On Target
Casefile #21: Street Spies*
Casefile #19: Nightmare In Angel City
Casefile #11: Brother Against Brother
Casefile #22: Double Exposure*

Most Popular Off-site Links 2016


Most Popular Database Entries 2016

Frank Hardy
Callie Shaw
Chet Morton
Joe Hardy
Iola Morton
Fenton Hardy
Aunt Gertrude Hard
Biff Hooper
Vanessa Bender*
Mr. Arthur Edward Gray

Barmet Bay
Hurricane Miranda
Hardy Van

Most Popular Forum Topics 2016

Reading Levels
Free Casefiles
What's your Favorite Episode of the Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew Mysteries?
Hardy Boys Fanfiction story.

Most Popular Social Sources 2016

The Big Lie -- Comic #1

Entertainment Weekly has done a little write-up on the upcoming new comic book series on the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. 

The new series of 6 books starts off with The Big Lie and casts Frank and Joe Hardy as teenage brothers in the small resort town of Bayport. When they come under suspicion for the death of their famous detective father, they turn to local "femme fatale" Nancy Drew for help proving their innocence. 

You can read a press release on Dynamite Entertainment's website as well as view several different full size covers and one interior at Entertainment Weekly.

If you plan to get this title, make sure you go to your local comic book store and ask for it ASAP.  It is scheduled to be released March 8, but if you don't put your order in now with your local comic store, you may be out of luck.   Comics and Books do not sell the same way.   If you want a particular cover, you had better beg your local comic store, because not all will be readily available and may require the purchase of 10-50 additional copies. 

Hardy Boys Casefiles Encyclopedia Update #24
The characters, places, and events of Hardy Boys Casefile #24, Scene of the Crime, have been entered into the Hardy Boys Encyclopedia.

New Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Comics
Dynamite Entertainment announced an exclusive arrangement with Simon & Schuster to bring the beloved characters Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys to comics with all-new adventures!

For almost 90 years, the adolescent crime-solving adventures of The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew have thrilled young audiences, and remained dear to readers as they've become adults. The duo of teen sleuths Frank and Joe Hardy, and young detective Nancy Drew, have worked independently and even teamed up to solve cases that their elders could never crack alone! The overwhelming success of their printed and screen adventures have propelled these heroic role models to the status of universal cultural touchstones.

"One of the goals at Dynamite has been to expand not only our audience, but to draw new readers into the wonderful world of comics. Working with Simon & Schuster on Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys will help that campaign. With original graphic novels, manga, and periodical comic books coming their way, pre-teen, teen, and grown-up fans will have plenty of opportunities to experience these beloved characters - and their captivating mysteries - in our distinctly visual medium," says Nick Barrucci, CEO and Publisher of Dynamite. "These characters cast a shadow over pop culture throughout the world, and almost every child since their creation has come into contact with their stories and adventures. To have been granted the opportunity to work with such icons as these is truly exciting, and we will work hard to create something special for future detectives of all ages."

Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, debuting in 1927 and 1930 respectively, are icons of mystery literature with timeless appeal. Combined, these Simon & Schuster brands have sold over 300 million books worldwide. Translated into dozens of languages and selling millions of copies per year, Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys novels satisfy an enormous audience, supported by their appearances in media and merchandise, including video games, television programs, films, stationary, posters, puzzles, apparel, and accessories.

Dynamite Entertainment's all-new comic book series based on Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys will launch in 2017. Fans and retailers are encouraged to follow Dynamite Entertainment's social media channels (Twitter and Facebook) for the latest updates regarding creative personnel, release dates, and other details.