New Hardy Boys Books in 2018
Simon and Schuster and Amazon now show the artwork for Clue Book #7, The Pirate Ghost, which has an April 3, 2018, release date and Adventures #16, Stolen Identity, which has a release date for February 20, 2018.

Thanks to Bigfootman for the heads up on these.
Nancy Drew's Birthday and the Big Lie #5

Anthony Del Col spent time answering questions about his Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys comic book series on Reddit in honor of Nancy Drew's 87th birthday.   He gave some interesting insights into what other series he is allowed to use in the comic book as well as the time it takes to produce a comic book. 

You can view the entire conversation on Reddit
The Big Lie - #2 and #3

Although the Hardy Boys books publishing schedule has become very slow recently (only 4 new books scheduled for release in 2017),  Dynamite Entertainment is now filling those gaps with a monthly comic.  Issue #1 of The Big Lie, featuring Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys (along with Tom Swift and the Bobbsey Twins) came out this month.  April and May will follow up with issues 2 and 3.  You can view variant covers by clicking on each of the images above. 

If you plan to get this title in traditional paper form, make sure you go to your local comic book store and ask for it ASAP.  Comics and Books do not sell the same way.   If you want a particular cover, you had better beg your local comic store, because not all will be readily available and may require the purchase of 10-50 additional copies.
Hardy Boys Casefiles Encyclopedia Update #25
The characters, places, and events of Hardy Boys Casefile #25, The Borderline Case, have been entered into the Hardy Boys Encyclopedia.

New Books for Adventures/Clue Book late 2017
Chapters/Indigo and Amazon now show the artwork for Clue Book #6, A Skateboard Cat-astrophe, which has a November 14, 2017 release date and Adventures #15, A Con Artist in Paris, which has a release date for September 5, 2017.