New Hardy Boys Adventures and Clue Book
Hardy Boys Adventures #13 Bound for Danger and  Hardy Boys Clue Book #4 Talent Show Tricks are set to be released on October 11, 2016 and December 6, 2016. The covers for both have been revealed:

Hat Tip to MacGyver for the information on the new Adventures book. 
The State of the Hardy Boys Encyclopedia - 2015 Edition
Another year has come and gone, and it is that time again to look back and see where we have come in the past year. 

Below are a few interesting tidbits taken from the sites web statistics based upon most visits to these sections of the website.

An asterisk(*) denotes that a particular item was not in the top list last year.

Most Popular Books 2015

Casefiles #1: Dead On Target
Casefiles #11: Brother Against Brother
Casefiles #28: Countdown To Terror*
Casefiles #52: Uncivil War*
Casefiles #3: Cult of Crime*

SuperMystery #1: Double Crossing
SuperMystery #25: Secrets of the Nile
SuperMystery #3: Shock Waves
SuperMystery #2: A Crime for Christmas
SuperMystery #36: Process of Elimination

SuperMystery #4: Gold Medal Murder
SuperMystery #1: Terror on Tour
SuperMystery #2: Danger Overseas
SuperMystery #6: Stage Fright
SuperMystery #5: Bonfire Masquerade

Graphic Novel #1: The Ocean of Osyria
Graphic Novel #2: Identity Theft
Graphic Novel #20: Deadly Strategy*
Graphic Novel #18: D.A.N.G.E.R. Spells the Hangman
Graphic Novel #9: To Die or Not to Die

UB #1: Extreme Danger
UB #2: Running on Fumes
UB #3: Boardwalk Bust
UB #6: Burned*
UB #8: Top Ten Ways To Die

Adventure#1: Secret of the Red Arrow
Adventure#7: Shadows at Predator Reef
Adventure#3: The Vanishing Game
Adventure#4: Into Thin Air*
Adventure#5: Peril at Granite Peak

Most Popular Wallpapers 2015

CASEFILES (wallpapers found at the bottom of each casefile 1-20 page)
Casefile #11: Brother Against Brother
Casefile #19: Nightmare In Angel City*
Casefile #1: Dead On Target
Casefile #7: Deathgame
Casefile #4: Lazarus Plot

Most Popular Off-site Links 2015


Most Popular Database Entries 2015

Callie Shaw
Chet Morton
Joe Hardy
Iola Morton
Frank Hardy
Mr. Arthur Edward Gray
Aunt Gertrude Hard
Fenton Hardy
Biff Hooper

Frank Hardy
Vee Sharp
Joe Hardy
Belinda Conrad
ATACT (American Teens Against Crime)
Chet Morton
Arnold 'Bump' Rankowski
Vijay Patel*
Nancy Drew
Hardy Boys Clue Book #3: Water-Ski Wipeout
You can now pre-order Hardy Boys Clue Book #3: Water-Ski Wipeout via  Clue Book #3 The Video Game Bandit is set to be released on April 19, 2016.

Hardy Boys Casefiles Encyclopedia Update #19
The characters, places, and events of Hardy Boys Casefile #19, Nightmare in Angel City, have been entered into the Hardy Boys Casefiles Encyclopedia Network Database.

Hardy Boys Adventures #12 - The Madman of Black Bear Mountain
The 12th title in the Hardy Boys Adventures series has a very intriguing title: The Madman of Black Bear Mountain.

Introducing the Hardy Boys Clue Book series
The covers and release dates for the first two books of the brand new Hardy Boys Clue Book series have been revealed at Simon and Schuster's website.  Clue Book #1 The Video Game Bandit and Clue Book #2 The Missing Playbook are set to be released on April 19, 2016.

Hat Tip to Hardy Sleuth for the information. 
Hardy Boys Secret Files #19: The Race Is On
The title, cover, and release date for The Hardy Boys Secret Files #19 The Race Is On have been revealed.  The Kindle version is up for pre-order at

Thanks to Tom Magilley for the heads up on the update.