Hardy house


Location: Bayport, , United States


According to Casefile 3, not only did Joe and Frank grow up in this old house built around the turn of the century, but so did their father AND their father's father.

The house has a security system that Frank installed.

The boys bedroom along with their parents bedroom and Aunt Gertrude's bedroom are all located upstairs.

Their dad's office is located downstairs, along with a reinforced concrete file room with a steel door in the cellar.

The house is located north of and a short walking distance of the town square. There is an old shortcut through the back yard from the back of the block on which the house is located.


There is a file room in the cellar that has reinforced concrete and a steel door.
CF8, Page:94

The street on which their rambling old Victorian house is located is a quiet street lined with maple trees.
CF13, Page:53

The house is located in the south section of Bayport.
CF13, Page:53

Frank's bedroom also doubles as the boy's computerized crime lab.
CF13, Page:53

Frank's room has a window from which one can see the someone coming up to the front door.
CF13, Page:53

The Hardy house has a guest room.
CF20, Page:79

The Hardy Home has a den. Gertrude Hardy presumably does some of her reading in this room.
CF22, Page:113