#19 Nightmare In Angel City


Hot money always burns a thief.

Callie Shaw disappears while shooting a video for her summer class at UCLA. Frank and Joe drop everything and fly out to look for her. The moment they start to investigate, the situation explodes. During their search of Callie's room, someone greets then with a firebomb.

Finally, the brother detectives track Callie to an abandoned factory, where she's hiding out among a band of street people. But finding Callie is just the beginning of a desperate race to uncover a killer. From Hollywood movie studios to the haunts of the street people, Frank and Joe follow a trail of blood money -- until it comes to a dead end!


Cover Art: Brian Kotzky

Author: Steven Grant

First Copyright: September, 1988

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Hardy Boys Casefiles 19 Nightmare In Angel City Wallpaper