Aunt Gertrude Hardy


Location: Bayport, , United States


Gender: F


Hair: dark



Frank and Joe's aunt. She trades in her car for a new one every couple years. She never drives over 30 miles an hour and seldom drives distances longer than 10 miles. She petsits cats for people.


She buys only the best canned cat food when she petsits other people's cats.
CF8, Page:96

She has a habit of watching mystery movies from the forties and fifties late at night.
CF15, Page:33

CF16, Page:54

Aunt Gertrude prefers to shop in town, as compared to a large supermarket outside of town.
CF18, Page:2

She has dark hair.
CF18, Page:4

She is always telling Fenton that she would kill for a nice older millionaire to sweep her off her feet.
CF18, Page:7

Fenton Hardy is her brother.
CF18, Page:9

Although Fenton Hardy has been a detecting his whole life, Gertrude Hardy has never been comfortable with his line of work.
CF18, Page:13

Gertrude does not think it is appropriate for the Hardy boys to be playing detective.
CF18, Page:14

Gertrude has lived with the Hardy's for years and was like a second mother to the boys.
CF19, Page:3

She can bake chocolate cake.
CF20, Page:35

Aunt Gertrude has argued equal rights for women for years.
CF20, Page:37

Aunt Gertrude makes homemade strawberry jam.
CF20, Page:40

She has a secret passion of reading old mystery novels.
CF22, Page:20

She enjoys watching movies at night with the lights out while sitting on the couch.
CF22, Page:20