#123 High-Wire Act


Step into a circus of crime, and you're bound to walk a tightrope of terror!

When Frank's old school friend Freddie Felix landed a job as a circus clown, he thought it was his big break. Now he's landed in big trouble instead. A suspicious fall has put him in the hospital, and the Hardys are determined to get to the bottom of it. They've decided to join the spectacle -- a three-ring circus of crime!

Under the big top, Frank and Joe uncover a mix of dirty deals and sinister secrets. And they face a deadly nemesis willing to use any weapon -- from poisonous snakes to man-eating tigers -- to put a quick end to their act. They may be dealing with a bunch of clowns, but this case is no joke...because there's nothing funny about murder!


Cover Art: John Youssi


First Copyright: May, 1997

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