#122 River Rats


Where Nature -- and crime -- run wild, every turn can deliver a fatal blow!

The Hardys have come to Montana to enjoy the challenges of the Big Bison River. Owen runs a river rafting outfit, and Frank and Joe are eager to test their skills. But their first day out on the fierce white waters turns into a life-and-death struggle when Owen falls victim to a sniper's bullet!

Finding out who tried to kill Owen won't be easy. Especially wince Joe can't take his eyes off Owen's beautiful daughter. But a wake-up call in the form of a firebomb brings him back to his senses... and back into battle. It's a war over the environment, and the Hardys are sitting on a powder keg that's ready to explode at any moment!


Cover Art: John Youssi


First Copyright: April, 1997

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