Evil, Inc. -- Hardy Boys Casefile #2

The price of murder is always negotiable.

When Frank and Joe grab one of the Network's cases, the secret government agency tells them they're on their own. Then they hustle themselves on a one-way ticket to France, expecting a little action. But after they penetrate the sady world of Reynard and Company, the largest organized crime ring on earth, the Hardys begin to expect something more -- murder. Maybe their own.

Posing as gun dealers, Frank and Joe immediately run into trouble with the French police. Soon they're fugitives with no one to turn tobut the criminals they've sworn to expose. Caught in a deadly web of enemies and betrayed by a beautiful girl, Frank and Joemust use every once of cunning they possess to defeat a foe whose icy fingers tighten over the entire world.

Cover Art: Morgan Kane


First Archway Paperback printing: April 1987

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0-671-62559-4 ($2.50 - US)
0-671-67259-2 ($2.75 - US)
0-671-70359-5 ($2.95 - US)
0-671-73668-X ($3.50 - US)
0-671-73668-X ($3.75 - US)
0-671-73668-X ($3.99 - US) ($4.99 - CA)
0-671-73668-X ($1.00 - US)

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Hardy Boys Casefiles 002 Evil, Inc. Wallpaper
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