Fenton Hardy


Location: Bayport, , United States


Gender: M





The father of Frank and Joe Hardy.

According to Casefile #6, Fenton was in the Army during a war that took place in Southeast Asia. According to Agent Starkey, he had been recruited by Hugh Hunt to work for Military Intelligence.

He is a retired NYPD Detective Lieutenant of the 71st Precinct, and currently a famous, top private investigator that runs his own PI business. He joined the NYPD 25 years before the events of Casefile #5. He left the force 10 years later when the boys were still toddlers.

Frank and Joe are permitted to charge airline tickets to their fathers business if the flight is critical to an investigation.


An old buddy from the Army is a school superintendent in Deep River, Montana.
CF9, Page:10

Gave a seminar in Washington, D.C. on the latest security methods.
CF10, Page:1

CF12, Page:149

When it comes to detective work, Fenton usually treats his sons as equals by staying out of the way and merely offering help when asked.
CF15, Page:77

CF16, Page:53

Fenton and his wife own a car.
CF18, Page:104

Fenton has a family lawyer.
CF20, Page:17

Fenton Hardy was a former New York City detective.
CF20, Page:61

Fenton Hardy had quit his NYC detective job to handle private cases that intrigued him.
CF21, Page:3

Presumably enjoys fishing as he and his wife were fishing in Canada at the beginning of Casefile #22: Double Exposure.
CF22, Page:2

Fenton has an old friend by the name of John Berrill.
CF23, Page:4