#9 To Die or Not to Die


Can it be that the shy, studious Frank Hardy has found the love of his life -- on an undercover ATAC mission? It could happen when both Frank and Joe Hardy investigate why the students are mysteriously being harmed in an All-State Drama Competition.

Frank's chosen by the young and beautiful Joelle Rinker to be her acting partner, but when she seems interested in Frank romantically, is it true love or great acting? There's hardly any time to find out as the Hardy Boys fight to keep the young actors alive.

This may be the most unusual case for the undercover brothers ever!

Writer(s): Scott Lobdell

Artist(s): Paulo Henrique

Letterer(s): Mark Lerer

Colorist(s): Laurie E. Smith


Editor Assistant(s):

Editor in Chief: Jim Salicrup

Copyright: 2007

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