#8 Board to Death


Death in Venice...California!

Can Frank and Joe solve this case before the killer is on to them? Or will the Hardy Boys become the next victims?

Frank and Joe Hardy go undercover at a major skateboarding contest to find a killer! Is it a contestant trying to kill off the competition -- literally? Suspects include Dex Thom, a skilled skateboarder and musical prodigy whoe parents wish he would pursue a music career, Pinkshade, a girl of mystery and her equally secretive trainer, Mr. Moto, and the Wraith, a dark and brooding young man.

Writer(s): Scott Lobdell

Artist(s): Paulo Henrique

Letterer(s): Mark Lerer

Colorist(s): Laurie E. SMith


Editor Assistant(s):

Editor in Chief: Jim Salicrup

Copyright: 2007

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