#33 At All Costs


NANCY DREW is spending Thanksgiving at the University of Utah with her old Friend Allison Fernley. But the holiday gets off to a chilling start when Allison's boyfriend, Tyler Conklin, turns up missing, his apartment ransacked. With ties to a radical environmental group that has made big business its #1 target, Tyler has made some powerful enemies. Now, with billions of dollars at stake, Nancy fears that Tyler could end up paying with his life.


FRANK and JOE HARDY are working undercover just outside Salt Lake City at the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics. The sports venues have been plagued by sabotage, and the developers blame a band of ecoterrorists called Earth At All Costs -- which counts Tyler Conklin among its members. Is Conklin a criminal or a victim of crime? The search for answers leads Nancy, Frank, and Joe into a tangled web of financial intrigue, political corruption, and explosive action.


Cover Art: Franco Accornero


First Copyright: October, 1997

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