#32 Exhibition of Evil


NANCY DREW and Bess are in Williamsburg, Virginia, where colonial America comes alive in a cluster of museums, villages, and theme parks. But for Nancy, the trip is not all fund and games. Dana Somers, a stunt diver at Big Splash Water Park, has received a series of death threats, and Nancy's determined to find out who's behind them. Has a rival diver set out to intimidate Dana? Has she been targeted by a stalker? The answer is murder.

FRANK and JOE HARDY are also on the scene, as members of the Second New York Regiment in a full-dress reenactment of the Battle of Yorktown. They've joined Frank's British pen pal, Colin MacDonald, who's taken the field in an enemy uniform. It's entertainment in the grand style -- until Colin falls in battle, killed in cold blood! Following a centuries-old trail of treachery, deceit, and betrayal, Nancy, Frank, and Joe find that two murders add up to one major mystery.


Cover Art: Franco Accornero


First Copyright: August, 1997

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