#30 Nightmare in New Orleans


NANCY DREW is in New Orleans to celebrate the opening of an ultrachic Creole restaurant. The idea of the Royal Creole was cooked up by Nancy's friend Shelley and Shelley's new husband, chef Remy Maspero. They're so sure the restaurant will be a hit that they've gambled their savings, it may be up to Nancy to save them. Because someone is determined to sabotage the Royale Creole and turn it into a royal disaster.


FRANK and JOE HARDY have come to New Orleans to investigate the theft of half a million dollars from a riverboat casino -- and the prime suspect is Remy Maspero! Passions are running high in the case, and they're about to run even higher when murder is added to the mix. Together with Nancy, the Hardys are taking the biggest gamble of all as some big dreams in the Big Easy threaten to turn into a Nightmare in New Orleans.


Cover Art: Franco Accornero


First Copyright: March, 1997

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