#31 Out of Control


Indianapolis is the place to be in the week preceding the Indy 500 race, and NANCY DREW is eager to join in the excitement. First stop: the racetrack fashion shoot featuring sportswear designer Kate Cordova and supermodel Miranda Marott. And when Nancy steps in to save teh shoot from major disaster, she earns the designer's gratitude and an invitation to a cool party. But a shocking twist threatens to cut the new friendship short -- when a federal agent steps in to arrest Kate!


FRANK and JOE HARDY are working undercover on an Indy 500 pit crew. Their assignment: find out who's sabotaging driver Robbie McDonnell's racing team. They quickly discover that there's no room for error -- on the track or off. A sniper's bullet, a flash fire, and finally a deadly discover bring Nancy, Frank, and Joe together in a an investigation that leads to a million-dollar mystery and to murder, as crime spins out of control.


Cover Art: Franco Accornero


First Copyright: June, 1997

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