Joe Irving Hardy

Location: Bayport, , United States

Gender: M
Eyes: blue
Hair: blond

An undercover agent for ATAC. He is the brother of Frank Hardy. He owns a motorcycle. He has blond hair and blue eyes. He knows American Sign Language. Like all ATAC agents he is a certified pilot. He is on the Bayport High swim team. He is a black belt in aikido and is decent at tae kwon do. Joe is 11 months younger than Frank. Runs track for Bayport High, and has never played football, but is a huge football fan. Joe does the sprints for the track team. Phys Ed and History are Joe's best subjects. Frank mentions in response to a joke from Joe in Mission #6 that he thought Joe's middle name was Irving. When Joe was four years old, he would call milk, moo juice. Joe has a karate teacher.

Joe has taken Karate lessons.
Mission:021, Page:142

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