#17 The Number File


Counting on crime is risky business.

Frank and Joe are soaking up some sun in Bermuda and doing a little sleuthing on the side. Their father wants them to check out a shady character named Bernhard Krugar, the suspected kingpin of a big credit card scam. But the brothers aren't making any headway -- so far Krugar is clean.

When the Hardy's spy on Krugar's villa, one of his thugs spots them. Before they know it, they're being tailed by a black sedan and run off the road into the ocean! This is not the act of an innocent man. Their vacation shot, Frank and Joe resolve to nail Krugar. But he's on to them, and he has other plans -- like arranging for the brothers to vanish in the Bermuda Triangle.


Cover Art: Brian Kotzky

Author: Bruce Whitehill

First Copyright: July, 1988

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