#4 Malled


Bayports new mall is about to open, but when suspicious accidents occur, ATAC send Frank and Joe in to investigate!

Things heat up when the night before the opening, Frank, Joe, and eight others are mysteriously locked in themall - with a murderer on the loose! That's when everything goes crazy! Water beds cause a flood! Sporting goods become deadly weapons! The electronics store goes haywire! An elevator runs out of control! Fire in the food court! And there's even danger in the dress shop!

Can Frank and Joe, along with the others, make itthrough the night alive?

Writer(s): Scott Lobdell

Artist(s): Daniel Rendon

Letterer(s): Bryan Senka

Colorist(s): Laurie E. Smith


Editor Assistant(s):

Editor in Chief: Jim Salicrup

Copyright: 2005

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