#20 Hollywood Horror


NANCY DREW has comem to the entertainment capital of the world to see the sights and catch the city's celebrities in action. But when she attends a taping of the sitcom Sunny-Side Up, danger soon steals the show. Not only does she prevent a crazed fan from rushing onto the stage, she also discover that another more desperate and more determined stalker is on the loose. Target: television star Marla Devereaux.


Hollywood Gold Studios, producer of Sunny-Side Up, faces a dire threat of its own. Its new high-tech theme park has come under atack froma saboteur. FRANK and JOE HARDY have gone undercover to catch the creator of the deadly special effects -- before disaster strikes. For Nancy and the Hardy boys, digging up the real dirt beneath the glitter could prove to be the most dangerous act of all.


Cover Art: Vince Natale


First Copyright: October, 1994

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