#16 Hits and Misses


When Bess lands a shot at stardom on a nationally televised talent show, NANCY DREW lands in the middle of a mystery as big as Manhattan. She agree to take the case of an amnesia victim -- a young woman known only as Jane Doe. In trying to piece Jane's life together, Nancy has but two clues to her identity: the music in her blood ... and the danger in her past. A single event is etched in Jane's memory: staring down the barrel of an assailant's gun.


FRANK and JOE HARDY have hooked up with Angelique, the hot new recording star who lately has been singing the blues. Someone's cutting in on her action to the tune of $2 million in cash, and its clearly an inside job. In pursuit of the missing money, the Hardy's will have to bare the facts behind the business of rock 'n' roll. And Nancy Drew may provide the biggest break of all: the shocking, potentially fatal turn about the connection between Angelique and Jane Doe.


Cover Art: Frank Morris


First Copyright: July, 1993

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