#14 Tropic of Fear


Soon after checking into Honolulu's Grand Hawaiian Hotel, NANCY DREW and her friends find their vacationon shaky ground. Powerful fources of greed and corruption have put the posh hotel at the eye of a gathering storm, and millions, perhaps billions, of dollars are at stake. The undercurrent of mystery and menace bursts to the surface when Nancy finds a man lying a step away from her rental jeep -- with a bullet in his back.


The surf's up at Waikiki, and FRANK and JOE HARDY are riding the waves. They're working undercover, trying to infiltrate an elusive gang of art thieves. The investigation leads the boys straight into the Grand Hawaiian Hotel! Finding a connection between their case and Nancy's suddenly takes on a life-and-death urgency when the teens find themselves trapped on a volcano, about to be swallowed by the flow of devouring molten lava.


Cover Art: Frank Morris


First Copyright: November, 1992

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