#6 The Battle of Bayport

A Reenactment Turns Real.

Frank and Joe are excited to participate in Bayport's first Revolutionary War reenactment. It's to celebrate the opening of the town's newest attraction, a history museum aboard the USS Resolve, a restored sailing frigate. Not only do they want to support the new museum, but they think it's pretty funny to see heir friends and classmates dressed up in colonial outfits.

The whole town is out at the harbor to see the battle and catch the fireworks. But the boys soon realize someone is taking this reenactment much too far. s the fake shots ring out it becomes clear that not everone was using fake bullets -- and there's an all-too-real casualty. It's up to Frank and Joe to discover the culprit behind this terrible crime before anyone else winds up hurt, or worse....


Cover Art: Kevin Keele

Cover Design: Karin Paprocki


First Copyright: June, 2014

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