#15 A Con Artist in Paris

Who Is He Really?

Frank and Joe are on vacation in Paris when the world's most expensive pen is stolen from their hotel. Everyone in the city, including the police, is sure the celebrated graffiti artist, Le Stylo, is to blame. The heist has all the marks of his legendary stunts: daredevil heights, high-tech gadgets, even a giant stencil of his signature pen was left behind. Hard to argue that the person whose name means "The Pen" didn't steal the most coveted pen in the world. But the Hardy boys are not convinced. Le Stylo is known for his activism -- his artistic stunts always bring attention to social injustices. They know in their gut he's been framed. On the hunt for the truth, Frank and Joe find themselves deep under Paris in the city's maze of catacombs. They have no cell service, no protection, and very little time. Can the brothers uncover the real criminal and stay alive?


Cover Art: Kevin Keele

Cover Design: Karin Paprocki


First Copyright: September, 2017

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