Frank Hardy

Location: Bayport, , United States

Gender: M
Eyes: brown
Hair: dark brown

An undercover agent for ATAC. He is the brother of Joe Hardy. Frank gets flustered around girls, but they seem to gravitate more toward him than his brother Joe. Frank actually admits that he likes Belinda Conrad a lot, but his nervousness around girls prevents him from doing anything about it. He owns a motorcycle. He knows American Sign Language. Joe considers Frank to be a science geek. He is a certified pilot. He is on the Bayport High swim team. Frank is 11 months older than Joe. Frank does not like Rocky Road ice cream. Runs track for Bayport High, and has never played football, but is a huge football fan. Frank does the endurance running for the track team. We assume that Frank had dark brown hair and brown eyes as he has gone undercover with that description. According to Joe, Frank is freakishly neat.

Even though Frank has used karate kicks, he apparently has not taken any karate lessons.
Mission:004, Page:124

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