#1 The Hidden Theft


In The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft, the vault of the Spencer Mansion is robbed, and the Bayport Police call on the Hardy Boys to help tie up some loose ends, but they soon find themselves in the middle of a major criminal investigation that takes them on an adventure all over Bayport, and even into New York City. But the pieces don't add up, and Frank and Joe find themselves embroiled in a drama of sinister proportions. Is the recent theft linked to something from the past? Can Frank and Joe find and decipher the clues in time to prevent another crime from happening?

Publisher: DreamCatcher Interactive Inc.

Developer: Xpec Entertainment Inc.

Rating: E10

Release: October 2008

Trailer: YouTube


System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 2000,XP,Vista
Processor: 1.4 GHz Pentium 3
Ram: 256 MB
Free Space: 2 GB
Video: 64 MB, DirectX 9
Sound: 16-bit DirectX
Drive: 16x CD or DVD-ROM