#11 Abracadeath


Frank and Joe Hardy search for the Great Marconi's kidnapped assistant and stumble into a world where nothing really is as it seems!

Fellow Bayport High School student, Dia the Amazing, gets a chance to apprentice with a master magician at Hollywood's famed Castle Magique, but is unaware that his previous assistant has mysteriously disappeared. Frank and Joe join Dia and encounter such presidigitators as Karnaq, Glom, Miss Tique, not to mention an old friend, as they strive to solve the case of the vanished victim.

Writer(s): Scott Lobdell

Artist(s): Tim Smith 3

Letterer(s): Mak Lerer

Colorist(s): Lauri E. Smith and Digikore


Editor Assistant(s):

Editor in Chief: Jim Salicrup

Copyright: 2007

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