#7 Buried in Time


NANCY DREW heads west to help archeologist Tod Langford investigate a series of thefts and threats interrupting his work. A young Native American woman, Red Sky Winsea, claims that he has disturbed the dead, desecrating a sacred Indian burial site. But the morning after Nancy's arrival, she learns that Tod has unearthed more than a poltergeist. For the burial ground has become a killing ground -- and Langford had dug his own grave.


FRANK AND JOE HARDY are checking out a nearby air force base. A vital shipment has been hijacked, and the materials could be used to build an atom bomb! The trail leads to the indian burial site. But Joe is distracted by the beautiful Sky and seems to have lost sight of the danger. If the missing shipment falls into the wrong hands, true evil may rise up from the grave, with catastrophic results.


Cover Art: Frank Morris

Author: Peter Lerangis and Larry Mike

First Copyright: August, 1990

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