#5 The Last Resort


NANCY DREW is called to be part of a dream team of super sleuths at a glamorous winter playground. Major rock star Brad MacDougal is shooting a big-budget video at fabulous Mount Mirage, and owner Ken Harrison is worried. The deadly prankster who's been plaguing the resort may target the video for sabotage.


THE HARDY BOYS have also been asked to join the security force. At first Nancy, Frank, and Joe manage to cover all bases and have fun doing it. Joe even gets close to country singer Roseanne James. Then a music mogul is found murdered. Suddenly the posh playground becomes a combat zone where rock stars and billionaires rub elbows with cold-blooded killers. And where someone has scheduled the teen trio to check out sooner than planned.


Cover Art: Jimmy Mathewuse


First Copyright: November, 1989

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