#36 Process of Elimination


NANCY DREW has come to Los Angeles with her friend Bess to attend an international conference of environmentalists. But Nancy soon finds that there are even more urgent issues to address, such as the apparent murder of one of the conference coordinators, Carl Dubchek. And when Nancy starts asking questions, she ends up putting both herself and Bess in the line of fire!

One hundred miles to the south, FRANK and JOE HARDY experience a bizarre encounter of their own. Visiting the Sand Diego Zoo, they witness a commando-like operation -- to steal a truckload of bamboo. Even stranger, a quick investigation on the Internet reveals a connection between the bamboo heist and an ex-cia agent -- Carl Dubcheck! The Hardys hook up with Nancy in L.A., where they unravel a web of greed, deception, and international intrigue.


Cover Art: Franco Accornero

Author: Jack Hagee

First Copyright: April, 1998

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