#28 Murder on the Fourth of July


NANCY DREW is in Seattle to join in a weekend celebration of the Orca Odyssey, a whale-saving campaign. But the celebration is short-lived. Nancy has learned that the group itself is in danger of extinction. The reason: A major fund-raiser, businessman Ian O-Brien, has been accused of murder! Convinced O'Brien has been framed, Nancy begins her own investigation ... with the businessman's future and a potential million-dollar donation at stake.


FRANK and JOE HARDY have just arrived in Seattle from Bayport. They've come at the request of a fireworks manufacturer preparing the city's Fourth of July exhibition: A saboteur has targeted the stage for an Independence Day disaster. Although Nancy and the Hardys may be working different cases, they seem to be working with the same evidence. Is the sabotage connected to the murder? As explosive as the question may be, the fireworks are just beginning.


Cover Art: Biran Kotzky


First Copyright: July, 1996

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