#27 Islands of Intrigue


NANCY DREW and her friend Bess are vacationing in Greece, land of romance, history, and mystery. They befriend Alexis Constantine, daughter of a famous shipping magnate, and are invited to sail on the family's yacht in the Greek islands. But Nancy and Bess soon discover that they are headed into some dangerous waters. Alexis is kidnapped, and after a caller threatens to kill her if the police are notified, Nancy realizes that the young woman's fate is in her hands.


FRANK and JOE HARDY have come to Greece at the behest of the ultrasecret Network. Their mission: Pursue a renegade American operative suspected of stealing a dozen superpowerful Phoenix missiles from a U.S. military base. Together with Nancy, the Hardy's set off on a spine-tingling Greek odyssey across a sea of duplicity, danger, and imminent destruction.


Cover Art: Brian Kotzky


First Copyright: May, 1996

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