#18 Desperate Measures


An urgent call from longtime friend Molly Keegan brings NANCY DREW to Arlington, Virginia, outside Washington D.C. Molly's father, Lambert Keegan, a top scientist at Tercon Industries, has suddenly vanished, and the only clue to his whereabouts is a scribbled reminder of an afternoon meeting at the Reflecting Pool in the nation's capital. Nancy arrives at the redezvous just in time to spot someone who looks like Lambert with a woman...moments before the woman is shot!


As the man flees into the crowd, Nancy returns to find none other than Frank Hardy administering to the victim's wound. THE HARDY'S, who have just flowin in from Florida, aslo hoped to talk to the woman, an official with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. A monster hurricane has destroyed a friend's new resort. The reason: a faulty product manufactured by Tercon Industries! Nancy, Frank, and Joe head to Lambert's remote mountain cabin in search of answers: Is Molly's father the author of the conspiracy -- or its next target?


Cover Art: Alfons Kiefer


First Copyright: March, 1994

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