#6 Stage Fright


The fiery prop plane was now belching out great clouds of smoke, flying over the audience and the stage in a big figure eight. No one else seemed to notice. Even just a ten-foot plane would kill someone if it landed on them! Joe and I had to do something before it came crashing to the stage -- or worse!


"The Hardy are working on a new case that involves this show on Broadway. The lead actress has been receiving death threats."

"So they want you to be her understudy?" said George.

"Yes. But they've promised me I won't have to go onstage." I could imagine a few things worse than having to sing on a Broadway stage -- but they all involved tarring and feathering.


Can the three supersleuths stop the series of mysterious accidents plaguing Broadway's latest blockbuster, or will the curtain close for good?

Cover Art: Karinda Granda

Cover Photo: Michael Frost and Thinkstock

First Aladdin Paperbacks edition: July 2012

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