#5 Bonfire Masquerade


A new, bigger circle had formed around us. It seemed to be the entire Krewe de Crude. They were breathing hard, and there were a lot of black eyes and spreading bruises. But there were still more thana dozen people surrounding us. These were not odds I liked.

"A toast to New Orleans," I said. We clinked glasses.

All in all, the party was a great success, right up until the end, which came abruptly. A shriek cut over the music. The guests stopped dancing. I turned just in time to see Yvette stagger into the room.

"Daniel's been murdered!" she screamed.

One masked ball. One big crime. Three of the best teen detectives of all time.

Cover Art: Sammy Yuen Jr.

Cover Photo: Michael Frost and Thinkstock

First Aladdin Paperbacks edition: July 2011

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