#17 The Bike Race Ruckus

Is someone playing dirty to win?

Ready ... set ... rough riding!

Lots of kids are planning to enter the Bike Jamboree. There will be cross-country riding, an obstable course, and even a contest for the funniest bike. Bully Zack Jackson and his buddy Brett call the Hardy wimps. But is someone playing dirty to win the grand prize -- a supercool twenty-speed mountain bike?

Frank and Joe are determined to be good sports, but it's no go. First Brett finds gum on his break pad. Then somebody messes with Joe's bike seat. Who's behind the nasty tricks? Frank and Joe gear up to find out -- before the big bike race ends in a big disaster.


Cover Art: Frank Sofo

Interior Illustrations: Marcy Ramsey


First Minstrel Books Printing and Copyright: April, 2000

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