#13 Pirates Ahoy!

Frank and Joe set sail for a major mystery!

Is a pirate treasure buried in Bayport?

That's what Captain Sid, the owner of a souvenir shop, says. When Frank, Joe, and Chet meets Sid on their way to go sailing, he tells them about a pirate ship that sank off the coast of Bayport four hundred years ago.

As the boys head to the boat, they find a strange silver coins on the ground ... then an old bottle with a treasure map inside ... then a rusty musket ball -- the kind pirates used in battle! Could Captain Sid have been right about the shipwreck? Frank and Joe are baffled -- and it won't be smooth sailing until they figure out this whale of a mystery!


Cover Art: Thompson Studio

Interior Illustrations: Marcy Ramsey


First Minstrel Books Printing and Copyright: June, 1999

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