#12 King for a Day

It's a mystery fit for a king!

An awesome theme park called Dragon Days has opened in Bayport -- and Frank, Joe, Chet, and Tony try a cool game called the Sword in the Stone. Whoever pulls out the blade becomes King for a Day. All hail King Chet -- he even beat out the middle school's star wrestler! Now he just has to deliver the sword to the Dragon Days sheriff to claim his crown -- and a huge feast, just like in the olden days.

But a mysterious person in a black cloak steals the sword! Was it Grunt Garfinkle, the wrestler? An angry court jester with bad punch lines? Or did a fire-breathing dragon turn the sword into toast? It's time for the Hardys to give this case the royal treatment!


Cover Art: Thompson Studio

Interior Illustrations: Marcy Ramsey


First Minstrel Books Printing and Copyright: April, 1999

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