#6 A Skateboard Cat-astrophe

THE SCENE: Bayport Park

THE FACTS: New kid in town, Carlos Martinez, has entered his Internet-famous skateboarding cat, Skeeter, into the Bayport Skateboard Challenge.

THE CRIME: Someone used a mechanical mouse to distract Skeeter during the competition.

THE SUSPECTS: Diesel Diffendorfer, Bayports biggest bully and Skeeter's biggest skateboard rival. Phil Cohen, who was worried Skeeter took all the attention away from his own Internet star pet, his dog Champ. Aunt Trudy, the Hardy brother's aunt, who protested the event, saying the cats should be allowed to be cats.

THE MISSION: It's up to The Hardy Boys -- and you -- to follow the lead and find the culprit behind the skateboard cat-astrophe!


Cover Design: Karina Granda and Nina Simoneaux

Cover and Interior Illustrations: Matt David


First Aladdin Printing and Copyright: November, 2017

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