#5 Scavenger Hunt Heist

THE SCENE: Bayport Bear Park

THE FACTS: Frank and Joe are excited to go on a class trip, where they will roast marshmallows, do some hiking, and go on a scavenger hunt! The winning team gets to open up a big pinata full of toys and treats to split!

THE CRIME: During the scavenger hunt, someone -- or something -- destroys the pinata and steals half of the prizes!

THE SUSPECTS: Adam Ackerman, the class bully, who was bragging that he was going to win the scavenger hunt -- and the big prize -- no matter what! Lolly Sugerman, one of Frank and Joe's schoolmates, who loves sweets and was the last person seen near the pinata before it was smashed Four-legged friends. Frank and Joe find some big footprints around the cabin ... and they aren't human!

THE MISSION: It is up to Frank and Joe -- and you -- to solve the mystery of the scavenger hunt heist!


Cover Design: Karina Granda

Cover and Interior Illustrations: Matt David


First Aladdin Printing and Copyright: April, 2017

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