#4 Talent Show Tricks

THE SCENE: Bayport Elementary School auditorium

THE FACTS: Frank and Joe are excited for the school's annual talent show! Frank is working backstage, and Joe is going to show off his sweet juggling skills.

THE CRIME: Someone keeps playing pranks on all the acts -- bubbles are found in someone's trumpet and someone's music is repaced with the sound of croaking frogs.

THE SUSPECTS: Adam Ackerman, the school bully, who wants to win -- no matter what it takes. Ezra Moore, the new kid in town, who is being forced to play his violin in the show by his parents -- and would be the happiest kid in Bayport if the show got canceled! A ghost. Could these pranks come from someone haunting the show and the stage?!

THE MISSION: It's up to Frank and Joe -- and you -- to solve the mystery of who is causing all the chaos, before the curtain falls early on the show!


Cover Design: Karina Granda

Cover and Interior Illustrations: Matt David


First Aladdin Printing and Copyright: December, 2016

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