#3 Water-Ski Wipeout

THE SCENE: Lake Poketoe

THE FACTS: Frank and Joe are super excited for their school trip to Lake Poketoe. It will be a weekend of tubing, smores, and nature walks. And Joe cannot wait to try out his brand-new waer skis during the trip!

THE CRIME: Joe's water skis go missing!

THE SUSPECTS: Adam Ackerman, the school bully, who was not happy when Joe accidentally hit him on the head with a ski after the bus ride to the lake! A mystery boy who was seen near the shed where Joe was keeping his skis Tamara, a new girl who seems like she has something to hide

THE MISSION: It's up to Frank and Joe -- and you -- to solve the mystery of the missing skis!


Cover Design: Karina Granda

Cover and Interior Illustrations: Matt David


First Aladdin Printing and Copyright: August, 2016

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