#2 The Missing Playbook

THE SCENE: Speedy Zermeno's house.

THE FACTS: At the Bayport Bandits' annual barbecue, Coach Quinn shows the team their secret weapon for the new season: a brand-new playbook!

THE CRIME: During the party, the playbook goes missing!

THE SUSPECTS: The Jupiters, the Bandits' rivals, who pulled pranks near the house around the time the book was taken Tommy Dawson, a Bandit's outfielder, who is upset that Speedy replaced him as the starting pitcher in the first game Lucy, Mr. Mack's dog, who thinks everything is her toy!

THE MISSION: It's up to Frank and Joe -- and you -- to solve the mystery of the missing playbook!


Cover Design: Karina Granda

Cover and Interior Illustrations: Matt David


First Aladdin Printing and Copyright: April, 2016

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