#96 Against All Odds


When the heat is on, it takes a cool head to beat danger!

Frank and and Joe make a special trip to Bayport Fairgrounds to check out the steeplechase races. They want to catch the champion horse Against All Odds in action. Fast, fit, and powerful, he's a stallion with a million-dollar future ahead of him. But suddenly all bets are off. Soon after the race, the boys discover that Against All Odds has disappeared.

The Hardys know this is more than a simple case of horse thievery. Whoever took Against All Odds is a master of deception, diversion...and intimidation. And the stakes in the race to recover the horse couldn't be higher. Frank and Joe are in hot pursuit of a ruthless and desperate criminal -- one willing to kill to cover his tacks!


Cover Art: Brian Kotzky


First Copyright: February, 1995

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