#119 The Emperor's Shield


At any moment the fight against crime can turn into a life-or-death struggle!

Frank and Joe have come to Germany to assist archaeologist Dr. John Maxwell in his search for a legendary jewel-encrusted shield. The priceless artifact is rumored to be buried in the lost ruins of an ancient Roman fortress. But the boys discover more than the shield is missing: Maxwell himself has vanished without a trace!

Hunting for both Maxwell and the shield, the Hardys make some powerful, ruthless enemies. From vicious attack dogs to armor-clad thugs, they face a new fight at every turn. But as they descend into a labyrinth of lies, Frank and Joe are determined to unearth the truth ... no matter how deep, dark, and dealy it is!


Cover Art: Nelvana Limited/Marathon


First Copyright: January, 1997

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