#3 The Vanishing Game

Disappearing Act?

Everyone in Bayport can't wait for the biggest event of the season: the premiere of G-Force -- the newest ride by the world-renowned Piperato Brothers. Their creation is going to change the fortunes of Funspot, Bayport's small and recently run-down amusement park.

Frank and Joe are friends with Daisy Rodriguez, the owner's daughter, and are first in line for the ride's launch. Purple lights click off, a huge whoosh emanates from the floor, loud music pulses....

G-Force is awesome and exhilarating from start to finish. But while everyone is screaming their heads off, a young girl disappears into thin air -- right in the middle of the ride! The fund has stopped, and now Frank and Joe have to solve this terrifying vanishing act.


Cover Art: Kevin Keele

Cover Design: Karin Paprocki


First Copyright: June, 2013

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