#12 The Madman of Black Bear Mountain

Lost in the Woods...

Bayport High's Green Environment Conservation Club is camping on Black Bear Mountain. Not only does the mountain live up to its name -- the fierce, furry animals are everywhere -- but the rumor has it that a madman lurks in the nearby forest, and the crazy dude has a penchant for feasting on human flesh.

When the campers wake up, however, not only do they find a bear roaming the campsite, but their teacher is missing ... and blood is streaked across his tent. Frank and Joe go in search of him, only to find themselves hunted by an ax-wielding man in face paint and bearskins. As they venture farther into the forest, Frank tumbles into a waterfall and Joe finds himself teetering on the edge of dangerous rapids.

Add all that to the black bears prowling the forest, and the boys aren't sure if they'll make it out alive!


Cover Art: Kevin Keele

Cover Design: Karin Paprocki


First Copyright: June, 2016

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